Various Obsessions


My projects

[🆓: it's free] [💻: I did the code] [🎨: I did the art]
[🍥🍥: I designed] [🍥: I co-designed][🖊️: I wrote]

Video Games

Thistledown: A Tragedy of Blood -💻🎨🍥🍥🖊️- in development. A story-driven tragedy taking place in a deeply developed fantasy/sci-fi world.

Scraps and Patches - 🎨🍥 - in early access. A mini military micromanagement game with robots and necromancy. It's a cross between and an RTS.
The Man who Loved a Box - 🎨🍥🍥🖊️- A game about a man and a box covered with flashing lights.
Doukutsu Demake - 🆓🎨 - A low-res demake of the first cave in Cave Story.
Pest Control - 🆓🎨🍥 - a twin-stick shooter where you're a gnome, and you shoot giant bugs.
Simple Simon - 🆓🎨🍥 - an intense David v. Goliath platformer about a vengeful pumpkin.

Game Books

The Cloud Dungeon -🎨🍥🍥🖊️- The Classic, much-loved papercraft game night. Now in it's second edition.

Exspelled -🎨🍥🍥🖊️- What if you didn't get into Hogwarts? You'd go here instead.

Other Books

The Book of Coloring -🎨- a coloring book. You can arrange the pages any way you wish, and they all link up into one big design.
The Book of Building -🎨- Build and color your own fantastical fantasy buildings.
Lewis's Life-🎨🖊️- A comic I drew for 2 years, about a unassuming man and his literal demons.

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