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It’s easy to accumulate a lot of knowledge, difficult to apply it. At any given stage of a creative work, click the appropriate button to be given a randomly chosen short post about that subject. If it doesn’t apply, click the button again to refresh. This will spark new ideas and allow you to see you work in a different light, and remind you of useful tricks that you’ve forgotten.

If you’re not sure where you are, feel free to click the broader terms (pre-prep, prep, color, execution) to be served a random post from that category.




Mindset is all about getting your thoughts in the right place. If you’re struggling to start, feel like you’re just going through the motions, or have started to resent the work, here’s where you start.


This is about why you want to create this piece, the subject, the deeper purpose. This helps you dig deeply before you start the piece, helps you add depth and complexity at a conceptual level.


Loosen up, stretch your fingers, get into the creative space.


Thumbnail sketch

Rough, loose, quick sketches with no detail, drawn very rapidly, with no corrections.


General composition tips and thoughts.

Reference collection

Collecting inspiration and reference for the piece.

Value Comps

Small thumbnails experimenting with value.

Clean-up lines

Choose a thumbnail, enlarge it to final resolution, and draw a clean-line version at full resolution.


Color Experiment

Free experimentation with colors at a small size.

Color Palette

Creating and refining color palettes.


Before you proceed: Do you need an arbitrary layer of colors on the canvas to paint over? This can often lead to happy accidents later on.

Do you have a solid thumbnail, color experiments, and value comp?


Final lines in ink (if needed)

Block up/Flats

Selecting and filling the local colors of each object in the scene.


Painting consistent light and shadow on the objects in the scene


Increasing the detail, refinement, and complexity of the piece.


Details and experimentation with final polish.



📊 Creating a story in sequence.

Character Design

Designing unique, iconic characters.


📊 For when you need a random small action that you can do to push your marketing efforts forward.