😱 At their worst

At their worst, conservatives seek to return to a past that never was, and progressives seek to advance to a future that will never be.

At their worst, conservatives fantasize about the glory days of their race, their country, and progressives dream about the impossible utopia where everything is completely fair and all the good people are completely happy.

At their worst, conservatives say "I have rights! I do what I want! You can't tell me what to do!", and progressives say "You don't know the right thing to do, we will dictate how to act."

At their worst, conservatives send death threats and hang nooses outside your home, and progressives destroy you, cancel your humanity, make you an unperson.

At their worst, conservatives grasp for the power to enforce their will on the world, as do progressives.

- - -

At their best, conservatives see the miracle of a world that works well most of the time, and they don't want to destroy it through rash decisions. They take deep responsibility for their actions, saying "What must I do?" not "You can't make me!".

At their best, progressives fight compassionately for those who are hurting, broken, sick, and poor. They work and starve for those who stack up at the bottom. They don't let identity get in the way of compassion.

At their best, conservatives hold on to the baby, progressives change the bathwater.

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