Color Palette

Contextual colors

Adding a new color? Pick a color that you’re already using to adjust into the new color. Test it out on top of the color you’re adjusting. Look at the color in context, not by itself.

Test and tweak

Test our your colors against each other. Put your darkest color under the whole palette. how does it play with the other colors? Put your lightest color under the palette. Tweak and adjust if anything looks off.


Does you palette need more harmony? Unify the palette by adding a color layer above, and gradually turn up the opacity until all the colors play nicely together.

Color meanings/themes

These are not absolutes! No universal color definition, feel free to break the rules if need be. Red Love, passion, violence, danger, anger, power Pink Innocence, sweetness, fimininity, playfulness, empathy, beauty Orange Warmth, sociability, friendliness, happiness, exotic, youthfulness Yellow Madness, sickness, insecurity, obsessiveness, idyllic, naiveté. Green Nature, immuaturity, corruption, ominous, darkness, danger. Blue Coldness, isolation, …

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