Check your colors

Need more color complexity? Use a saturation layer and target certain colors to adjust and refine! You can also check to see if it’s too monochromatic – if one channel changes most of the piece, that may be a red flag!

Remember the “yin/yang principle”

Do you need more of one color in another color? Add a small amount of one color in an area dominated by another color. This applies to more than color: Do you need to add A bit of cool color to warm colors? Warm color to cool colors? Light to your shadows?

Push, color lights.

When you’re close to finished, consider an airbrush with color dodge set to push the lights, bring in extra color to highlights. Copy-merge what you have (Command/Ctrl + Shift + c) Select a bright color and paint on the copy-merged layer. Toggle the visibility of the layer to see if it was an improvement.