Large shapes

How are your large shapes communicating the story? Do you need to move characters closer to the camera to induce empathy in the viewer? Tilt the character to make them less stable and off-balance? Or the opposite, to make them more stable and strong? Do you need to make the world bigger and scarier, swallowing …

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Frame within a frame

Do you need to really draw the viewer’s focus into one area? Use a frame within a frame – an enclosed shape within your composition that frames the most important element. This will draw focus, de-emphasizing the rest of the frame.

Size in frame

Do you need to adjust the size of your character? Increase the amount of space the character takes up to increase that character’s importance. To make a character small and/or vulnerable, or to increase how big their world is, make them very small in the frame. A low angle can make them seem commanding or …

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Notan 2

Look at the image from a distance. Consider the dark shapes as rocks, and the shite space as a river. Is water flowing through the river well? Are there any choke points or awkward shapes?


Look at the image from a distance. Consider the dark shapes as holes instead of objects. Is the white space interesting and dynamic? Rearrange the shapes.